WETATi Fashion & Jewelry Collection By Design Inspirational Vision & Goal

Fashion Brand with Meaning, Purpose and Power – Put it on and Feel the Power!

Be Inspired & Empowered By What You Wear! The WETATi fashion was inspired from the name of a women organization called “Women Empowered To Achieve The impossible (WETATi).” It is a collection designed by women for women with the intention of empowering women through entrepreneurship and lifestyle. The logo was designed by a young female graphic artist. A close examination of the logo will show a female figure with her hands in the air with wings that indicate freedom, creativity, certainty, strength, and power; Wings like an Angel, Eagle, and evolving like a butterfly embedded within the royal purple color and the “W” in white which stands for WOMAN.The Founder of WETATi is also a female who has been actively engaged in the movement of women empowerment and the true spirit of American creative freedom, free enterprise, and entrepreneurship relentlessly for over 22 years.

WETATi fashion By Design is a Social Entrepreneurship platform and uniquely made with our labels. The WETATi brand is about empowerment and finding creative ways to fashion business or lifestyle opportunities for women. It is a fashion platform to bring hope to women. Our goal is to use this WETATi brand to create a business opportunity brand for those women who would like to own their own businesses by becoming distributors/marketing representatives for the ShopWETATiNOW opportunity. Other people that are not interested in becoming distributors would become socially responsible by supporting the movement by incorporating the collections as a lifestyle by becoming end users. That way they still contribute to the cause and become part of the economic empowerment emancipation movement for women. We work with small women business owners around the world to become economically empowered by either partnering with them to produce a good quality WETATi brand to be sold in other countries, or by being the end user to support the small women business owners.

The good news is that every woman can relate to what WETATi stands for and the inspiration that they can draw from it. They will feel the power because of the name and what it will mean to each woman at their points of need.

The fashion collection BY Design varies from Authentic hand crafted Jewelry collections to beautiful clutches, hand bags, button up dress shirts, pants, tank tops, long sleeve thermal shirts, perfumes, and stylish t-shirts for both women and girls in varying colors and sizes ranging from small to 2XL.

Our target market includes women and girls from 17-117 years of age.